What advice would you give to other parents of deaf children?

As a parent of a deaf child I would like to get some tips that will help me

Thành Viên Mới Asked on 2022-10-24 in Khoa Học Giáo Dục.
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I would advise other parents of deaf children to first and foremost, prioritize learning sign language. Even if your child has a cochlear implant or access to hearing aids, signing will enable them to communicate effectively with the deaf community and allow them to participate fully in their culture. It’s also important to seek out and surround yourself with a supportive community, whether that’s through local parent groups or online forums. During the early years, it can feel like you’re navigating uncharted territory, but connecting with other families going through similar experiences can provide comfort as well as valuable resources and advice. Additionally, don’t be afraid to advocate for your child’s needs in educational settings and elsewhere. Y

Thành Viên Mới Answered on 2022-10-24.

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