The best fleet management system needs of your fleet business

The best GPS tracking software meets the needs of your fleet business
En Route Technologies offers a state-of-the-art fleet management system designed to combat vehicle theft and enhance fleet security using cutting-edge technologies like GPS tracking and real-time monitoring. Here’s an in-depth look at how their fleet management system uses these tools to protect fleet assets:


Driver Identity Verification:

Ensuring that only authorized drivers can operate vehicles is a cornerstone of vehicle security. En Route Technologies’ fleet management system includes a rigorous driver verification process. This feature cross-references the movement of vehicles with the identities of authorized drivers, promptly flagging any anomalies. It uses GPS tracking to send real-time alerts if a vehicle starts or moves without authorization, helping to prevent theft and unauthorized use.


Eco-Driving Monitoring:

This fleet management system utilizes a GPS tracking system to monitor driving behavior and ensure compliance with eco-driving standards. Parameters like acceleration, braking, speed, and idling are tracked to identify any deviation from set thresholds. Alerts are triggered by unsafe practices, which not only helps in maintaining safety and fuel efficiency but also minimizes the chances of theft by ensuring vehicles are operated responsibly and within pre-defined parameters.


Security Alerts:

En Route Technologies’ fleet management system excels in providing real-time security alerts. These alerts include notifications for ignition activation, car alarm triggers, and door openings, all monitored via the integrated GPS tracking system. The system also includes geofencing technology, which sends instant alerts if a vehicle enters or exits a designated area, adding an extra layer of security against unauthorized movements and potential theft.


Reporting and Track History:

The system offers comprehensive reporting tools and detailed track history logs, enabling fleet managers to analyze patterns and identify potential security risks. With GPS tracking system, managers can monitor route adherence, stop locations, and unauthorized detours, which are critical for early detection of suspicious activities and preventing vehicle theft.




FAQs About En Route Technologies Fleet Management System


  1. How does the GPS tracking system help in preventing vehicle theft?

The GPS tracking system provides continuous location updates, real-time monitoring, and movement alerts for each vehicle in the fleet. It enables fleet managers to track vehicles accurately, detect unauthorized use immediately, and recover stolen vehicles swiftly.


  1. What kind of alerts does the fleet management system provide?

The system delivers a range of alerts, including for ignition start, vehicle movement, door opening, and panic button activation. These alerts help in the immediate detection and response to any unauthorized activities or potential security breaches.


  1. Can the fleet management system improve driver behavior?

Yes, the system monitors driving patterns and provides feedback on eco-driving parameters like speed, braking, and idling. Managers can use this data to coach drivers, improve safety, and reduce operational costs, while also mitigating the risk of theft by promoting responsible vehicle use.


  1. How does geofencing contribute to vehicle security?

Geofencing creates virtual boundaries around specified areas. The fleet management system sends alerts when a vehicle enters or exits these boundaries, allowing managers to oversee vehicle movements more effectively and prevent potential thefts by ensuring vehicles stay within safe zones.


En Route Technologies’ fleet management system effectively combines GPS tracking with advanced monitoring and alert systems to provide a robust solution for vehicle security and fleet efficiency, ultimately reducing the risks associated with vehicle theft.

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