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Also, it has a straight shaft, so operating it doesn’t require too much of getting used to it, even for complete beginners. This is a weed eater that has a four-stroke engine, and it starts like a dream even when cold. The easy-starting is due to the air purge system combined with a smart start system for the engine. It is a relatively light machine at around 11.24 pounds which makes it pretty easy to carry around and gives good mobility. Here we will take a closer look at some popular gas weed eaters that are available right now. We have assembled a list of some of the best gas weed eaters we could find online and given each a rating out of 5 based on the feedback from owners.

As for myself, I have owned and operated half a dozen weed eaters. I want to warn you that this equipment is not for commercial use. It neither can handle a lawn with very thick grass nor trim large tracts of land. Although it is not designed for heavy-duty tasks, best rated gas weed eater this Bluemax model is fantastic for small compounds and light gardening tasks. This Hitachi CG23ECPSL trimmer has a potent 22.5cc engine that allows the gadget to do its job well. The model weighs 10.3 pounds only, making it the lightest device on this list.


Easy to use and control with an adjustable, padded d-handle, the easy load head clears through tough grass and pesky weeds with a 17” swath. For more challenging jobs, switch to the included 8-inch, 4-tooth brushcutter tool to clean up heavy brush and small trees. Or multitask with any of the Trimmer Plus® attachments available through Cub Cadet retailers. The Ryobi RY253SS is a dependable string trimmer that can handle weekly yard chores with relatively few complaints.

They performed unbiased tests for things like trimming, edging, handling, and ease of use. During the winter months, when your weed wacker will likely be out of action, you should completely drain the fuel tank. But when you will be using the tool regularly, over summer perhaps, you will be able to leave some fuel in the tank at all times. The four stroke engine is generally thought to be more fuel efficient which is great in the long run. Moreover, there is no need to mix oil in with the fuel as you would with a two-cycle engine which makes maintaining the motor much simpler.

Extra Features

This means you can adapt this cutter to many other tasks – as the manufacturer claims, giving you a whole garage full of tools. Once running, it also carries a steady and consistent level of power, allowing you to carefully cut weeds, grass and anything else with the utmost precision. One thing we really like about this model is the low price tag. It would be ideal for anyone who needs something that will effortlessly cut through weeds or grass without any nonsense. This version has a powerful four-stroke engine, allowing you to use pure gasoline so you won’t have to go through the hassle of mixing your fuel with oil.

We think you’ll agree, this is an incredibly easy and straight-forward weed eater to use. An advanced 2 step startup system simplifies powering the tool on, whilst an easy-winding bump head means you can get to trimming quicker than competing models. First, we love that this weed eater has a very practical design. It has a straight shaft which provides great reach for underneath shrubs and bushes, and to cut in hard-to-reach places. A weed eater has many different names, including string trimmer and weed wacker. Regardless of what you call it, no one can deny they are an essential tool for every garden to have.

Husqvarna 128ld Straight Shaft

This model is a gas-powered string trimmer with a stroke SUS engine of 25cc. This engine provides sufficient power to deal with all sorts of weeds, and even young saplings and shrubs. It operates on pure fuel, so the dirty and often unpleasant job of mixing fuel with oil is completely nonexistent in this case. You have to manually start them with a string, and spend a lot of your attention on them while you weed wack.

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Yard Equipment To Blame For Quail Fire In Copperopolis.

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The ability to multi-task and use various attachments delivers great bang-for-your-buck, making it an economic power tool for homeowners. The heavy-duty T25 trimmer head from Husqvarna is designed for simple and easy line reloading, dispensing dual lines through the bump feed system. The Honda HHT35SUKAT is a professional 4-cycle model designed to fit a range of needs, from regular grass trimming to clearing heavy brush. Its renowned Honda technology provides a powerful, dependable piece of equipment that’s well-built, ergonomic, and easy to use.

What To Look For In A Commercial String Trimmer

They use more gas, but you’re not required to mix the fuel, and you can use the same gas you use in your vehicle. Four-cycle engines can be harder to start because they need two revolutions of the crankshaft to get power. We found the Honda HHT25SLTAT has a very impressive motor, but the line head didn’t work that well, and we needed to replace it.

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Top-Pick Low-Priced String Trimmers.

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That’s almost twice to three times as long as most competitors, making the Wild Badger Power WBP26BCI the clear winner among shoppers looking to make a wise investment. Without question, all of these excellent features come at a price. Specifically, the Honda HHT35SLTAT costs a bit more than usual. But for that price, you also get a 2-year or 1-year warranty for residential or commercial use, respectively. When it comes time to take the Husqvarna 128LD on the road, you won’t need to worry about lugging it about at full length.

The secret to achieving an award-winning lawn is in the details. Crisply defined edges; no stray weeds congregating around flower beds, trees, yard ornaments, or sewer vents; and no undesirable scruffiness spilling out from beneath your fence. Keeping your green pristine is what makes your neighbors take notice and compliment you on your landscaping expertise. The tool that can best accomplish these many tasks is a gasoline-powered weed eater, also called a Weedwacker or trimmer. The 4-stroke engine in this weed eater means you won’t have to mix gas and oil. The adjustable handle makes it suitable for either right- or left-handed use.

If you need a very lightweight product, consider a battery-powered or electric product. Most of the gas weed eaters reviewed below are between 8-15 lbs. For homeowners interested in gas weed eaters that support multiple attachments, the Ryobi RY253SSis a strong contender. This weed eater features an exceptional expand-it attachment system.

In a two-stroke engine, the piston fires every time it completes a revolution. In a four-stroke engine, it takes two revolutions to make the piston fire. This means that a two-stroke engine has the potential to produce twice as much power as a four-stroke engine. But there is a little more to the science – and some pros and cons. Although battery technology has come a long way cordless versions are not up to the performance of a good gas engine powered weed eater. This weed eater from Greenworks is a corded option that offers great runtime without the pungent fumes from a gas trimmer.

With the various designs and models of string trimmers in mind, the This Old House Reviews Team evaluated a variety of weed eaters on Amazon that can fulfill your yard’s needs. If you value ease of use, electric trimmers are a smart choice. As long as you have a cord and access to an outlet, you have unlimited runtime with a trimmer that is simple to start, quiet while running, and requires little maintenance. The downside to many electric trimmers is that they aren’t very portable, and can only go as far as the cord will allow. Gas-powered weed eaters are known for their duty, capability, and power. All ten models included in this list are highly-rated by consumers and offer various equipment features to meet your yard and budget needs.

The straight shaft further allows the trimmer to produce more power so that users can quickly cut through any foliage or brush with ease. Prices vary greatly for gas weed eaters with cheap models around $100 and more expensive models around $500, so having a budget is important. The main types of gas weed eater have either a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke engine (also known as two-cycle or four-cycle). The differences between them are not massive but there are people who can argue until the cows come home about which is better. Stihl trimmers are the second choice among lawn care pros when it comes to commercial string trimmers.

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Best Lawn Edgers 2021 Edgers for Your Lawn.

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The 25cc engine allows the device to reach the 7000-rpm speed. Such a design gives a 0.9 hp output, which makes this gas string trimmer one of the most powerful on the Husqvarna product list. The best gas weed trimmer in today’s reviews has a straight shaft. It is perfect for the tough grass and copes with most weed types.

The 5 Best Weed Eaters (2021 Review)

Our equipment reviews are 100% accurate, honest, and reliable. We are real people with years of experience in the field, so you can always reach out to us with any questions you may have. Also, it is constructed as a 2-cycle model for less working time.

  • Four-cycle engines run on gasoline alone, negating the need to mix fuel and oil but are heavier overall and require regular oil changes.
  • With technical characteristics, the tool of this type is quite similar to the previous one, and the main difference is in the smaller engine power and mobile design.
  • If you realize the line is worn out, it is advisable to replace it to have the greatest output.
  • To do this, you’ll be able to utilize this model’s proprietary Twist-n-Load string trimmer spool.
  • Depending on your needs as well as the garden situation, different machines will be recommended.
  • Since you’ll likely be using blades for more serious work, a sturdy grip is key to staying safe.
  • For Troy-Bilt’s weed eaters, its engines run on gas and oil.
  • It has a good long drive shaft, enabling you to maneuver around trees and other obstacles with ease.
  • Maintaining a gas weed eater is slightly more demanding than an electric or manual tool but that isn’t to say that it should be ridiculously hard.
  • This is because of the presence of the anti-vibration effect inbuilt in the system.
  • While that’s not a deal-breaker, many of us prefer to have that customization to change cutting style.
  • I shouldn’t have to pour in additives , and then still have to constantly work on the carb.

The choke allows you to restrict or “choke” the airflow into the carburetor in order to enrich the fuel-air mixture to facilitate the starting of a cold engine. The 4-stroke engine may be more durable, but it adds a bit of weight to the unit. This model may vibrate a bit more than some of the higher priced trimmer options. You could go for the Husqvarna 128LD if you want the overall best trimmer with all the power you’ll ever need, but then, it’s equally not the cheapest on the list. What it lacks, however, is the ability to attach accessories to it to make it a multi-tool. This feature would have made this trimmer truly exceptional.

What Tools Do I Need For Lawn Care?

If you need more than just a string trimmer to tidy up your lawn, you’ll save money and storage space with this Ryobi tool. Check out our top picks for the best gas string trimmers of the year to find heavy-duty tools perfect for homeowners with lots of grass to trim. We’ve collected detailed information on each product’s specifications, along with tips from customer reviews, to help you select the best gas string trimmer for your yard. If you think the weed eater and edger need maintenance, turn it off. Do not use the gas weed eater in a location with impediments.

It was one of the most powerful trimmers we have ever used with the new head, but at 14 pounds, it may be a little heavy for some users. Other than that, the adjustable D-handle and slip-free design provide better ergonomics and operator comfort necessary for long grooming sessions. It also includes safety features like the debris shield mounted above the cutting head, protecting users from deflected dirt, rock, etc.

The first one is designed for homeowners and usually weighs from 9.3 lbs to 10.6 lbs, while the weight of professional line trimmers can vary from around 10.6 lbs to 15.9 lbs. This feature depends on a brand and depends on the tool’s length, engine type, fuel tank size, filter size, and other parts. You should understand that the lower the weight, the less powerful your tool can be. Of course, technologies don’t stand still, but this dependency remains a general rule. String trimmers have either a straight shaft or a curved shaft, the latter of which is bent about halfway between the handle and the spinning trimmer head.

On some models, the cutting head can be swiveled to a vertical position for edging. Our best value, the Troy-Bilt TB22 EC Curved Shaft String Trimmer, is another great choice. This model features a slightly smaller 25cc 2-stroke engine but still provides you with a 17-inch cutting path and includes spring assistant starting. If you’ve done a lot of weed whacking, you know that weight is a serious concern when choosing a weed eater.

Especially if you want a tool that can be used to clear brush and do regular weed eating on the same day. The size of your yard and the kind of foliage that needs whacking influences the cutting diameter of the string trimmer. A inch cutting diameter is the best choice for a small yard. In larger gardens with thick weeds and dense foliage, the inch cutting diameters work better. The trimmer also includes a lock to keep the cord in place as you move around the lawn. It’s a popular pick with Amazon shoppers, earning a 4.4-star rating over close to 2,000 reviews.

As for the size of the area that needs trimming and thickness of weeds that need cutting, go for larger engine sizes to make it faster. There are a couple reasons straight shafted string trimmers are much more effective than curved trimmers for commercial use. With the automatic string feed, the string feeds out automatically when it becomes too short. Usually you just start and stop the weed eater a few times to let out some line from the head.

Source: homemakerguide.com

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