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I knew of TekDry from a friend who watched it on TV. Delaying a telephone to the regional restoration business can cause more damage by placing yourself at risk of the insurance provider denying the claim. They were quick and super nice to use! They totally saved me! Protect yourself by fixing the issue quickly! TekDry helped me out after I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Examination.

They were so calm and reassuring. A properly trained, equipped, and certified water damage restoration company should impress right away. We went for a quick snack, and if we returned, the phone was great as new. Techs with devices made to read moisture, thermal cameras to recognize wet locations, and laser measurement devices to accurately quantify areas are essential. My family was really happy, and thanks to our neighbor Chris telling us around TekDry, we know where to go if this happens again. After identifying the problem areas, you can expect that your technician accurately assessed all damages, and has listed all of the necessary information to build a quote.

I can’t imagine trying to buy a new phone; like most individuals, we’re on a strict budget. Written Estimate. Thank you, thank you. When the collection of data occurs, you get a written estimate for the demolition, removal, and drying of damaged areas.

We love TekDry. Software such as Xactimate provides precise breakdown of materials required, plans for elimination, and cost for projects. I have sent a lot of friends to them, also!

Every single individual had their phone, tablet, etc. stored!! One put her phone through a full wash cycle! We also love their community-first attitude — if the floods struck Texas, they drove down using their unbelievable equipment and gave people back what for many was their sole form of communicating. To Insurance or to not Insurance. What an amazing product, service and company! Coverage. Fantastic service!

After dropping my cell phone in the toilet and thinking everything would be lost forever, I decided to give TekDry a try and couldn’t be happier!! In 30 minutes my phone along with everything inside it was straight back to life and working flawlessly! Forget about the rice and ship your phone ! Satisfaction guaranteed! Home owners have insurance to protect them from large costs of repairs on common procedures.

Sometimes companies are defined exclusively by their products and solutions. It’s important to understand what types of coverage you’ve got under your policy. This provider is defined by a whole lot more. Some insurance companies have carry several types of insurance like mould or flame.

A spirit of maniacal excellence, optimized processes and enthusiastic personalities to pleasure clients while supporting communities. It’s important to understand what you are covered for before starting the remediation. It’s quite rare to find these all in one.

Deductible. Continue the Fantastic job TekDry! On occasion the compensation will be smaller than the cost to pay a deductible to your insurance carrier. Thank you a lot of TekDry! After inadvertently watering my phone together with my blossoms, TekDry was able to rescue my mobile phone.

A customer first company should help you figure out which the best path to go is. The entire process was seamless, and Mirela was an absolute joy to use. If a difference in cost is so minute, you might even discover the restoration company provides a discounted rate should you decide to pay out of pocket. I can’t say enough good things about my own experience. Date of Occurrence. What an incredible service. After a specific period of time damage will get refused.

Got my phone wet while traveling fishing — wouldn’t turn at all. Identify with your restoration company how long the problem has been happening. TekDry restored my phone to full working condition and I harbor ‘t had a problem with my phone since! They can help you figure out if an insurance adjuster will approve the claim or not.

My son took his iPad from the shower to follow music. Affected Areas. Well, we all know what happens next. Depending on what type of damage occurred, certain materials are removed.

TekDry stored it six months ago and it still works great. For example, a toilet that floods the toilet will lead to elimination of the flooring (i.e. timber, carpet, tile, etc.). TekDry saved two of our iPhones.

Drywall and insulation could normally be removed 12-24. They worked perfectly and the cost was fair. A flow from an upstairs bath would bring about the ceiling and effected walls also. Simply turn off your phone and take it to Staples. After all areas are removed, large powered fans are installed to begin the dry out process.

Super people, super service! Can’t beat that! Dehumidifiers are used additionally to draw out any moisture in the air. TekDry stored my sopping wet, fully submerged iPhone as readily as a brief drive to my closest Staples store, and approximately 20 minutes of waiting for it to process!

It DID work, though! Don’t put your phone (or camera, or digital key fob or whatever!) In some circumstances, a barrier containment might be used to stop any access to the area, or to create an airflow special to dry out processes. TekDry rescued my Mac, that had been wet for a couple of days.

Air Quality Testing. The choice would have been around $800 for a gut job at the Apple Store. There’s always some kind of mould or contaminant in the air, and certain types are more damaging than others. Enjoy TekDry! They saved my phone once I thought that it was lost! I would’ve lost all baby photos and videos, but thanks to TekDry all was saved!

In addition to that it was AFFORDABLE! No gimmicks! Definitely promote this company above all because we’re in a generation of electronics and accidents happen! To determine what kind of contaminant is in your home, an air sample is taken both outside your home and in this link.

We took a phone that had been dropped in a tub for less than a couple of minutes. By having these two readings it can be ascertained what similarities and differences are in the air. The phone wasn’t working properly when we took it to them. Sample Testing.

They were able to store this, and we were happy with their service. Mold presence in drywall or on a surface can be accumulated to be sent to a lab for testing to find out if it is harmful or not. Fantastic service! Thank you! Guaranteed Laboratory Outcomes. Amazing service! My iPad went through the wash cycle.

Outcomes from a certified lab will provide a certificate for testing to identify if your home has passed air quality tests. I thought it was ruined until TekDry came to the rescue. Reconstruction Work. After utilizing TekDry services, it is now working flawlessly. Choosing a Contractor.

This service is incredible, and I highly recommend it to anyone who may have an iPhone/iPad accident like me. Following the elimination and dry are finished, you are left with repairs. Dropped my mobile phone in a sink filled with water.

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