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hey everyone welcome back to the med bro channel so today what we’re gonna do is a very exciting video and we are going to be looking at some essay writing services and what that is is a service where somebody pays somebody else or a company to write them a letter or an essay or you know whatever it is that you need written for your classes you would pay somebody and they would get it back to you so we’re gonna find out what’s going on with this business we’re gonna ask them for an essay and we’re gonna look at it and we’re gonna analyze is it good is it worth it and then we’re going to talk about is it ethical that we should even be doing this the first step is going to be get on the website and we’re gonna put together the essay that we want and we’re gonna see the pricing and how everything works so let’s get right into it so the plan for today to keep it very interesting is we are gonna ask them for a medical school admission essay so the website already have pulled up here I just Google essay writing service and we’re gonna go with the first one that comes up at the top which I assume is at least one of the top five that people are using and that’s great minors already I don’t want personal information out here I don’t want to be associated with any of these just for the video so let’s get into this and make this as anonymous as possible a lot of concerns would this come from people getting essays from these sites submitting them and then the essays are put through a plagiarism checker and they’re actually caught for plagiarism so that is a big concern I’m looking at this and they’ve already you know on their guarantees they’re already guaranteeing things like plagiarism checks and uniqueness so I assume this is a concern that they have ironed out somehow maybe they have their own checker that they put it through but we’re gonna find out we’re gonna find out and we’re gonna put it through our own little plagiarism check so they’re asking us a few parameters here before they calculate the price a base price it looks like it’s 1784 just like a standard college essay so for the instructions let’s keep it very big volunteered hospitals shadow we are doctors what else do medical students to do I play the piano okay I so we are done putting together all of that stuff on this great minors website we’re gonna be asked them for a one-page medical school admissions essay with pretty generic statistics nothing really extraordinary happening with a student a lot of people are on this boat so we’re gonna see is this worth it is he worth it even to look at what they come up with for $24 a total $24 is it worth it to use this as a primary essay I’m very excited to see this so stay tuned for the rest of this video I think that’s done for what I’m shooting today and then we’re gonna skip ahead to when I get the essay and start analyzing it okay guys we are back and let’s get right into this I’m super excited to see what these writers have come up with so let’s get to it so one thing to note is they actually got back to me in four days so I purchased the essay which I gave them seven days to do and they got it to me a little early so that is that is cool I can see they give me a free revision that expires on March 11 so throughout this entire process I actually was not contacted by the writer to elaborate on anything or provide any additional information enough waiting let’s get right into what they gave me so interesting let’s see I’m really excited all right so an application essay so since an early age already kind of cliche in there but we’ll accept it since an early age I have been intrigued by the biological functions of an organism okay right off the bat I can already this is very very insightful as me already because I don’t know how many essays start with a very similar pattern for medical school admissions even mine like started out like this for my rough drafts and it was since early age I’ve been intrigued by something you know the human body helping people you know biology etc the sciences already I mean they’re going down that path but let’s see where they take it the human body is a remarkable machine with many diverse systems and with the complex structure which is a unique beauty Wow okay made biology classes my major interest which instigated my enhancement I feel like definitely there’s a component of thesaurus.com going on here this person is definitely definitely just typing in words on the source and then picking the really difficult sounding words and then throwing it on to you it’s kind of very obvious the school was the first place where I came to realize the importance of pursuing the calling and thus I was highly motivated to plunge in the atmosphere of medical sciences alright this is this is a shaky start for sure this intro is a shaky start to my experience which includes a red call here they’re actually using the stuff I gave them which includes a red cross missions volunteering at hospitals and that Asian Medical Students Association did they wait did I write that hold on we got to look into this what AMSA oh and do they just Google AMSA it’s American Medical Student Association they were Asian where do they even get that from maybe I told them all to Asian throughout I don’t remember what I put in here I instigated a pragmatic approach to source.com and provided psychological support being an emergency all right things are starting to fall apart guys things are starting to fall apart really fast and go downhill being an emergency room doctor I implemented my knowledge to assist doctors in treating infections and injuries performed follow-up visits and created treatment plans so any university is at its core is a place to capitalize dude like I know you probably just wrote this I like 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. or 12 a.m. totally just you know half-assing yet on the side probably while watching TV or something like that like this is this is this is not good at all so okay guys so we have shaman on the line and he’s gonna go through and read what he thinks about this essay so go ahead trum and just quickly give us your reaction to this amazing medical school application essay exactly exactly what I said the school man this essays about his school this is I say isn’t even about medical school admissions I mean I did write I am a pretty generic students instructions I paid 24 and I paid for I think four or five extra dollars for getting an elite writer top writers is one of their top writers I know I know the other it’s like some seventh grader do this is about to go to sleep as I got and another thing hold on I’m gonna put it through a plagiarism checker as well oh dude it says here I put on grammar least plagiarism checker and it says plagiarism was detected they were the word choice the style it’s all highlighted under plagiarism all right there you have it guys so that was the analysis of this essay from me chumming beneath wouldn’t answer but I mean she’s gonna say the same thing this is definitely a waste of your money and it’s better to you know even put out something that is your subpar work rather than putting someone else’s subpar work out front and even if it was the best writer in the world it’s still better and I would say you might even get better grades if you write a more inferior essay but it’s coming from your thoughts and your mind and your writing style it’s gonna show and it’s gonna just be a better piece of work I just wanted to look at what kind of essay we would get back because you do see these companies kind of really growing and being advertised everywhere there are so many of them and there are a lot of users there are a lot of people out there using these services so be cautious stay away from these services as you can clearly see that was a trash essay so thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe and like and share the videos and there’s a lot of other helpful videos out on the channel so make sure if you’re new you check those out and we will see you guys in the next one [Music]

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