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What Is Certification MSC Certification is a significant step in any manufacturer’s customer confidence that its product label is honest, accurate and this product claims are verified within a continuous method of monitoring and analysis to assist customers, wholesalers, authorities and others identify products which conform to the Voluntary Uniform Product Guidelines for Horticultural Mulches, Growing Media and Landscape Soils (VUPG). For Consumers: certificate means that tag claims for packaged products for non-commercial use are assessed and verified by generally accepted business standards or independent research testing and what’s ON the tote is what’s IN the bag. For Retailers: certification means the item label was reviewed for industry compliance, standardized nomenclature and examined for known possible contaminants. For Regulators: certificate is an indication of businesses which have willingly submitted their goods to label and contents testing as a demonstration of the best efforts to comply with regulations. Certification Is For everyone. MSC is your finest, independent means of demonstrating your commitment to quality production and control. Products have to pass strict screening at the time of application and is subject to arbitrary field testing directly from the market area. To attain public confidence, the criteria have to be kept. On the other hand, the simple fact that everybody does not currently meet the criteria is precisely why certificate will operate and participants will prosper. We expect your business is one which is devoted to increasing the industry Mulch & Soil Council through quality products. Please review the enclosed materials and choose if you wish to show your customers your commitment to giving them the value they seek. Certified products must: Conform to proper labeling demands Pass lab testing Pass greenhouse growth testing (lands ) and compound testing for CCA-treated timber contaminants (mulches) Pass arbitrary audit testing in retail markets Exactly what Certificate Does Not Mean information that can be found in the Mulch & Soil Council (MSC) has been supplied for general information and reference purposes only. While the facts and statements made from the data are thought to be accurate when posted, the information will be subject to change as new details, materials or knowledge is obtained. The information will be subject to change, at any time, without notice. USERS OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY MSC UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT: (1) THE INFORMATION Isn’t INTENDED TO CONSTITUTE LEGAL, TECHNICAL, OR ANY OTHER ADVICE OR SERVICES; AND (2) THAT MSC CANNOT AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE, WARRANT, ENDORSE, OR OTHERWISE MAKE REPRESENTATIONS WITH REGARD TO ANY PRODUCT’S SAFETY, PERFORMANCE OR RESULTS. USERS OF THE INFORAMTION PROVIDED BY MSC EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT MSC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR, AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS, ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, COSTS (INCLUDING REASONABLE ATTORNEY’S FEES), OR DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF USE, REFERENCE TO, OR RELIANCE ON ANY CERTIFICATION INFORMATION OR GENERAL INFORMATION PROVIDED BY MSC

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