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The first occasion with My friend that is best 2

Robert relocated behind me personally and leaned over, their chest that is warm resting my straight back, his cock prodding between my cheeks. He kissed my throat once more, giving a excitement through me personally, then planted kisses down my spine then to my buttocks. One of is own hands that are strong my https://www.camsloveaholics.com/female/europeans butt and internal legs as he kissed me personally. He place stress back at my thigh that is left whispered within my ear, “Put your leg from the countertop. ” Our eyes met within the mirror, after which we let him up lift my leg. We felt therefore available and susceptible, one leg resting in the countertop, the other planted on the ground, my butt cheeks exposed and waiting. However felt a shock explain to you me personally as A vaselined hand slid down my asscrack and began rubbing my opening. We gasped after which began moaning with pleasure. It felt brilliant, their hand operating sectors around my opening, rubbing the slick lubricant around my tingling asshole.

Robert whispered, “Rub some Vaseline to my cock. Get the boyfriend all prepared to screw their hot, gorgeous woman. ” He scooped even more lubricant out from the container in the countertop and smoothed it onto my right hand. We reached behind me personally, grasped their difficult, hot cock, and began rubbing the lube throughout the shaft. He moaned softly whenever I kneaded their cockhead.

We viewed my neck at him, guided his cock to my waiting opening, and lined it. “Fuck me, Robert. Bang your gf. I’d like your dick deep inside me personally. ” however looked and turned within the mirror once again, viewing their face tighten up with pleasure as their cockhead pushed harder and harder, the stress building. “Nnngh, ” we grunted in discomfort. “I do not think i will go on it. It is too large. Please stop. Please stop. “

Robert grabbed my sides for leverage and leaned gradually ahead. “You may take it. Your ass seems so excellent against my cock. Take action for the boyfriend. Make him feel well. “

“Aaaaah, ” we stated, after which their cockhead popped in. We breathed and grunted difficult, viewing into the mirror as Robert’s face scrunched up with pleasure. “OK. It is feeling better. Fuck my tight ass. Get sluggish. Oh, there. Yes. Yes. It feels good now. I favor being your gf. I like having you inside me personally, fucking me. ” we viewed Robert’s knuckles whiten while he grasped my sides much harder and slowly forced their cock much deeper and deeper into my ass, until he had been hidden towards the hilt. He began pumping, and I also felt a rush of thrilling danger as we provided up and felt the pain sensation melt into pleasure, as I offered my ass to my boyfriend to refill together with his difficult, eager cock. It seemed therefore surreal — just how did a hitched right man just like me wind up curved throughout the restroom countertop with my friend that is best grunting, getting my sides, and sliding their cock deeply into my ass? We grabbed even more lube and began to jerk to my cock.

Robert shifted their fingers from my sides to my arms, getting ultimately more leverage and bucking for deeper penetration. “we can not wait. Does my hot, sexy gf want me personally to cum inside her sweet ass? “

“Yes. Take me personally. We love being fucked. I’d like you to cum. I really want you to fill my ass. “

Robert grimaced, attempting to postpone. “could i bang you once again? Am I able to screw you tomorrow? ” He plunged over and over repeatedly into me personally, their legs slapping against my ass.

We moaned when I felt my very own orgasm develop from the double pleasure of my hand stroking my cock, and their cock rubbing and sliding and filling my ass. “You can bang me personally anytime, anywhere. I adore getting fucked within the ass by my boyfriend. I do want to allow you to be cum deep inside me. “

“Aaaaah. Ohmygod, I’m cumming. It seems so great. Go on it. Simply just simply Take my cock. ” Robert bucked he stopped deep in my butt, gasping for air, his hot and sweaty chest heaving against my back against me again and again, riding the waves of pleasure, and then. He reached around and grabbed my cock, pumping it.

“Ohhhh. Uh. Uh. UH. ” My sperm spurted in the towel under me, cumming harder than I would ever cum within my life.

After which it had been over. Robert lay on me personally, their heart beating against my straight straight back, my cock growing limp inside the fingers while their cock shortened then slid away from my butt. Robert stroked my locks, kissed my neck blade, and whispered, “that has been therefore exciting. I enjoy fucking you. I am happy you are my gf. ” He squeezed my hand, and I also squeezed right straight back.

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